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Subject:Testimonial :)

Hi TCS Jerky :) I've eaten your Steak Nuggets for years. They are the most juicy, tender jerky bites I've ever had. I always picked them up at Costco but they stopped selling them recently. I tried going back to the Oberto brand but that was like eating cardboard. So I wised up, got online and ordered direct from you. I was ASTOUNDED at the fast service. I ordered late Saturday evening. The order shipped Monday and arrived Tuesday. WOW, what incredible service. Thanks so much for a wonderful product. I tell all of my WLS friends about it. WLS is Weight Loss Surgery.We're required to have extra protein daily. And your product is one easy way to do that.

A grateful customer,
Cindy E. in Olympia, Washington.

Subject: Tillamook Jerky is # 1 !!!!

Hello to the best jerky I've ever tasted! My husband is originally from Oregon, me, East Coast-Virginia...I never was a big fan of jerky before I tried Tillamook jerky. My husband kept telling me to try it so finally I gave in...THANK GOD I DID! I LOVE IT! ;o) To the point of eating all of his when we buy it...we were just vacationing over in Idaho last week and we bought some more jerky. No one seems to know what we're talking about when we tell them this jerky is like no will buy us other jerky from the West thinking it's the same (bless their hearts)...but it's not. Tillamook is one of a kind! I decided to do a search for Tillamook beef jerky in hopes that you have a website for purchasing your product. Low and behold I found one...told my husband to come look at what I found online...I'm so excited...he'll be excited too. He came and saw it and said "Oh my god! YES!!" It was quite funny...thank you for having a website!!!! You make it easy for us Tillamook jerky lovers on the East Coast to purchase your products!! ;o)

Thanks again,
Christine & Brad


My family (three of us) were recently vacationing in Oregon and Washington and came past your retail store with the sign out on the parking lot. We turned in and bought three of your two foot long meat sticks and a couple of packages of your other products for presents. On the way to the next stop light we started munching on the two footers and by the time we got to the stop light and bought gasoline we had eaten the whole stick. Now I am not much of a jerky person, mostly too hard or too oily for my taste, but this was delicious! We all agree we needed more, enough to get us back to Arkansas and also keep the gifts safe, so we turned around and came back and purchased another $35.00 or more worth of your product. We have ate all of that and the gifts were such a hit that I accessed your web site to find out if we could order more. You have a really good healthy snack and we are so happy we decided to stop and give you a try. Your staff was also very nice and we found your part of the country to be beautiful. We hope to come back again.

Shirley S

Subject: General Comments

Hi, Just wanted to let you know how wonderfully delicious your product is. We have tried all the jerky on the market and none can compare to Tillamook. They just all taste awful when put against your jerky. The only problem we have had with your product is finding it in the stores. Ralph's grocery out in California is about the only place we have ever found it and when we buy out the local supply we have to go without until they re-stock the shelves.

Well since we found your website we don't have to worry anymore we can just order on-line! Thanks again for making such a high quality jerky. It truly is the best there is. Even my picky, finicky chihuahua princess loves it. We have to fight her for the bag.

Take care
Lisa S

Subject: THANK YOU!!!

Wow! Your customer service is amazing!! Thank you so much for your wonderful response!! Just to let you know, your jerky is SO GOOD. I NEVER ate jerky before and my husband made me try it one day. I loved it so much, I pretty much finished off his bag! Then when I was pregnant with our daughter, it was my number one craving!!!! Well guess what? We are trying for baby number two and if all goes well, you will see some serious ordering from the Vance family again!

Thanks again!
Kelly F

Subject: THANK YOU!

I received my order this morning and I want to thank you for your excellent service and your delicious products. My family and I have missed getting pepperoni, beef jerky, etc. as we once got them through Tillamook Creamery via their catalog ordering system which was shipped to us in California but they no longer have web site ordering. My daughter stopped at the Tillamook Country Smoker several days ago and discovered the items could be ordered from the web – thank you for that service. My first order was a trial but now I hope I can keep my mouth closed about receiving my order because I want to get more to be given as surprise Christmas gifts as everyone of my family loves your products. Again thank for the great service and quality products.

Barbara J

Subject: Pepperoni Jerky

Hi - just thought I'd share our Jerky story. we were traveling about the northern tier of the USA in July and happened to buy a stick of pepperoni at a gas stop - enjoyed it so very much we continued to treat ourselves - when we got home, we discovered it was not available locally - so glad we can still enjoy your product via the internet! we were actually in Tillamook years ago and sampled the cheese - now we have yet another reason to retire to the Pacific Northwest - pepperoni sticks!!!! great product - thank you.

Lin and Cynthia

Subject: No Subject

The beef arrived today and I personally issued all five boxes out to 96 Marines that work in six Different sections of the unit.

The Marines in the photo with me work in our receiving section And we all thank you very much for your support and the very tasty beef. God bless and thank you again.

Semper Fi
Tony W.Stewart
Master Sergeant USMC

Subject: That's some good stuff...

Wow! I bought my first bag of Beef Steak Nuggets. I was a little hesitant at first, but I took a bite. The whole bag later I figured I must have loved them because I don’t have anymore. They were so good. Except you can’t kiss anybody after eating those, except the pets at home.  Now, I’m just so full I can’t stand myself.

Thanks again,
Deniece S

Subject: Just so you know

I am a native Oregonian, and in all my life have never tasted anything quite as wonderful as your Beef Steak Nuggets. I recently started a low carb high protein diet and found that your Beef Steak Nuggets were a perfect solution to my mid afternoon hunger pangs. I can only imagine that if your product had been around back when my family first came to Oregon on their wagon train... they would have settled in Tillamook County and not the Willamette Valley... LOL!!

Thanks for making such a great 'Oregon' original give a great representation of the true "Oregon Spirit"

Ruthe H

Subject: Military Support

Good day,
My name is Jason Mowry and I am Staff Sergeant in the Marines currently defending freedom in Iraq for 6 months. I recently came across a bag of your jerky nuggets with a Platoon that I was passing. They offered my platoon some and the whole platoon was grateful. Over here we only get things like that occasionally when our families are able to send it to us. I noticed your web address on a sticker on the package so I scraped it off to write you this letter. I have a over 50 people in my battalion right now out here and we were wanting to see if there was any way you can send some samples of anything. The days out here are long; however the Marines are working tirelessly to complete the mission to come home.  I was just trying to give them a small reward for their continued success.  If there is anything we can do for you please let us know. Either way, thank you for your time. Have a good week.

Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful)
SSgt Jason Mowry

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