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For more than 40 years, our family has been making mouth-watering smokehouse eats–the kind you can only get from hard work, high-quality meat and real hardwood smoke. This is the time-tested, honest to goodness, wholesome food you used to get fresh from the farm. It’s simply crafted with simple ingredients to be simply better.

Crafted in Oregon
Premium Proteins
Real Hardwood Smoke
Seasoned to Perfection
Crafted in Oregon

We use only the best ingredients fresh from the farm to smoke and season our food. It takes the good stuff to make the good stuff. Our jerky and snack sticks are simply crafted, minimally processed, and most importantly, completely delicious.

Premium Proteins

We take tremendous pride in procuring only the highest quality beef, pork, and turkey for our smoked protein snacks. For our beef jerky, our artisan meat cutters choose only premium cuts of 100% USA beef and then cut them just right, which is key to perfectly textured meat, ready for the smokehouse. That’s why meat cutting is part of our heritage, passed down through generations.

Real hardwood Smoke

There’s a beautiful smokey flavor you can only get from real hardwood smoke—the
time-tested method we've perfected over generations. There are easier ways to do it, but we keep making our food the hard way, because anything less just wouldn’t taste right and wouldn’t be up to our highest standards.

Seasoned to Perfection

We've spent more than four decades crafting, honing and refining our blends of
seasonings to get them just right. So whether you pick up the classic Old-Fashioned or
bold Spicy & Sweet, Tillamook Country Smoker has a flavorful jerky for every taste.

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